Capocollo - Salumi Pinzani

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The Capocollo is a typical matured cut region of Tuscany, obtained by salting the cut of meat located between the head and shoulder of pork, spicy and massaged to favour both the penetration that the uniform distribution of salt and spices throughout the product. Its appearance when cut is dark red with the presence of pure white fat veins, while its structure is consistent and firm. This particular structure with the fat interspersed with lean, gives the cured meat tenderness and flavour. The Tuscan Capocollo is characterized by gentle and delicate taste, slightly sweetish and with a unique scent.

Use in the kitchen:
The Tuscan Capocollo is typically eaten as an appetizer or as a snack, perfect with a slice of bread baked in a wood oven or paired with fresh vegetables, grilled or in oil.

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