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Finocchiona I.G.P.

The Finocchiona is a typical cold cut of the Tuscany Region, awarded the designation I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication) which protects and guarantees the consumer thanks to the use of fresh meat, certified and controlled from birth, and to the use of precise ingredients. The Finocchiona stands out among others for its uniqueness and its character. A character given the flavor of the fennel seeds which gives it its name as well as to taste this sausage that can only be produced in Tuscany.

Use in the kitchen:
The combination par excellence of the Finocchiona is the Tuscan bread: a bread without salt. Or served on wooden boards of cold cuts, cheeses and with vegetables. A quick and easy recipe is the finocchiona with polenta (corn starch); it is sufficient to lay the finocchiona on slices of grilled polenta.

Historical signs:
Finocchiona is a cold cut of historical tradition, known and appreciated already in the fifteenth century and has a close link with the noble history of Florence. It is narrated that Niccolò Machiavelli had a gourmet and there are a few steps of his letters that testify to his passion for this cold cut. Also it is told that the Florentine nobles going to the countryside to buy wine of the peasants that welcomed them by offering bread and finocchiona. The intense aroma of fennel was able to stun the taste and smell of the noble so as to hide the defects of the wine readying them to purchase. The Tuscan verb “infinocchiare” which means “deceives”.

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