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The Lonzino Toscano (cured pork loin) is a cured product obtained from boneless loin of pork, salty, spicy and flavoured. When cut, the loin looks bright red with white streaks of fat shaves. The scent is unmistakable, delicate and slightly spicy; while the taste is savoury but not salty. The loin is one of leaner meats absolute, it is a sausage which contains only the minimum amount of fat needed to make it soft and tasty. It's perfect for those who care the line and wants to secure a source of noble proteins, digestible and very tasty.

Use in the kitchen:
And 'excellent in the buffet of appetizers and classic dishes of mixed meats as a starter, and it is also very good in sandwiches seal. The "Carpaccio di Lonzino", with the combination of classic ingredients: arugula, parmesan shavings, olive oil and lemon.

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