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Pancetta Stesa e Arrotolata

The “Pancetta Stesa” (bacon) is a typical Tuscan hinterland cold meat made from pig's belly, one of the tastiest parts made up of muscle fibers and the grain of the noble fat pig. To produce the bacon bellies are chosen higher, with a balanced low-fat fat ratio and subjected to salting with salt and spices, among which garlic, pepper and rosemary.
Succulent variant of this Bacon is the version of "Pancetta Arrotolata” (rolled bacon), is the same bacon rolled up on itself so taking a cylindrical shape.

Use in the kitchen:
The uses of bacon are many; good in appetizers and sandwiches. And 'one of the ingredients that should not be missed in in the pantry as they are endless uses that has the kitchen in recipes such as roasts wrapped with bacon, carbonara, amatriciana and the most typical Tuscan side dish "bacon with peas".

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