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La Porchetta (roast pork) is a cooked cold meat rooted in Tuscan and Italian tradition, and is probably one of the oldest products that the man was able to derive from the pig. The Porchetta is produced starting from a boneless pork, from a bacon with rind and by a small percentage of liver cut into pieces; the pork and liver are in the center and the bacon wrapped around. Inside it is added a spice to base of garlic, pepper and rosemary and the right amount of salt; once bound and cooked through skilful cooking to the oven Porchetta buy a flavor, a fragrance and a unique crispness with an exceptional taste.

Use in the kitchen:
La Porchetta is excellent in starters, sliced fine and served on focaccia or warm bruschetta, alternatively served with cured meats. It 'a great main dish served hot with potatoes to the oven seasoned with rosemary, but the best of it with sandwiches and hash, as required by the Tuscan tradition of porchettari street.

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