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Salame Toscano

The Salame Toscano is a typical cold cut of the dairy tradition Tuscany, known and appreciated in all Italy. Its compact consistence presents of red colour, from the perfume and taste very intense accented by the aromas and from the spices used.
Among all the salami, it is distinguished by having the minced fat part in large cubes. The Salame Toscano is obtained by processing of some parts of the pig: in particular the lean part is derived from the thighs and the shoulders, while the fatty part is formed by the back of the pig; everything is mixed and seasoned with spices and natural flavourings, which will decisively characterize its intense flavour.

Use in the kitchen:
The Salame Toscano, besides being excellent tasted to natural or with the bread without salt. Can be delightfully combined with the fruit as in tasty appetizer of "salami and figs.

Historical signs:
How many products of the Tuscan tradition, also the Salame Toscano has its roots in the rural culture of this land. In Natural History, Pliny the Elder mentions the Salame Toscano, produced in a region that is not only the cradle of the Italian language, but it is also the place where the "pig reaches its excellence."

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