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The Soprassata, or better said in Tuscany "Soppressata", in the past was part of poor scold meat, because it is produced with the less noble parts of the pig as the neck, head, cheeks, tongue etc... To produce it are boiled pig heads in salted water and seasoned with various spices, then the heads are picked clean hot and cut grossly; everything is then mixed with a mixture of spices commonly used in butchery Tuscany. Once ready, the mixture is still hot sausage in a synthetic casing perforated, pressed enough to make him lose the cooking liquid, and finally made it cool; Soprassata is a product that does not require seasoning, just cold it is ready to be consumed.

Use in the kitchen:
The Soprassata is excellent in starters, thinly sliced accompanied by pickles or better with grilled vegetables. Or chopped soprassata with cherry tomatoes and parsley into pieces stir-fry for a good plate of pasta.

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